Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 75: Reach out, give support

This idea comes from Becky, a reader who is founder of

Do a blog search on an illness or difficult event that is close to your heart (i.e. breast cancer, or dying mom, or kidney transplant) and stop by a few blogs written by people who are dealing with those issues. Leave them a comment of support, something simple, like "I found your blog on a search and read a few entries, and just wanted you to know that my heart is going out to you today. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through, and you will be in my thoughts." Bloggers who are sharing personal stories of tragedy are often doing so to reach out for support, and a few words from a stranger can go SO FAR in making them feel less alone!

And that concludes my first guest entry to this blog. I should also thank my friend, Celeste, who has given me at least a dozen ideas for entries, and Shannon, who reached out with the shopping mall and Soles United ideas, and Dawn (from Nova Scotia!), who clued me in on Earth Day, as well as a few other entries to come. Obviously, I can't get to 365 alone, so your contributions have been greatly appreciated.